Felicity-Stencil Carving-72" Sideboard in Mango Wood | Honey Gold

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PREMIUM DESIGN, REAL MATERIALS | Built in real 100% solid mango wood with a toughened engineered wood back, the piece showcases an eye-pleasing stencil hand-carving across the door panels with an interesting amalgamation of the knobs & the design

ABUNDANT STORAGE | A mix of open shelving, drawers & doors for your books, laptops, small accents, remotes or crockery, expensive china & anything you can think of. The top can be decorated with candles, photo-frames, and perhaps a lamp. Your go-to-option for adding a functional edge to your space!

DURABLE FINISH | The exquisite wood stain is covered with a protective clear lacquer on top that keeps your piece exactly the same without any external stains & wear & tear. Wipe the surface clean, no chemicals needed!

CHIC TRADITIONAL ACCENT | Let your space reflect the elegance of your personality with our premium sideboards that add more character. Use them as accent cabinetry in a hallway, behind a couch in your living room, or in your bedroom. Match them to your existing furniture or display them as a stand-out piece.

GO SUSTAINABLE, IN STYLE | Leave the MDF & plastics out of your house! It's time to level up your bedroom with real & functional accents.